Bosch Table Saw Miter Slot Size

The Bosch Table Saw Miter Slot Size is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a table saw. The size of the miter slot will determine the size and type of blade that can be used with the saw. A larger miter slot will allow for a wider range of blades to be used, while a smaller miter slot will limit the types of blades that can be used.

Most table saws come with a standard miter slot size of 3/4″ x 3/8″. However, the Bosch Table Saw features a larger miter slot size of 1″ x 3/8″. This allows for more versatility when it comes to making cuts, as well as greater stability when using jigs and other accessories.

In addition, the Bosch Table Saw also comes with an adjustable fence that can be moved to accommodate different sized workpieces.

Bosch Table Saw Miter Slot Size


Are All Table Saw Miter Slots the Same?

Most table saws have miter slots that are 3/4″ wide and 8″ long, with a few models having slightly different dimensions. There are also a few specialized table saws on the market that have miter slots that are designed for specific tasks. For example, some cabinet table saws have miter slots that are 5/8″ wide and 12″ long to accommodate larger workpieces.

What Size is the Miter Slot on a Table Saw?

The miter slot on a table saw is typically 3/4″ wide and 3/8″ deep. There are also variations of this size, such as 1″ wide and 1/2″ deep. The important thing to remember is that the miter slot must be wide enough to accommodate the widest blade that you plan to use with your saw.

For example, if you have a 10″ wide blade, then you will need a miter slot that is at least 10″ wide.

What Size is the Arbor on Bosch Table Saw?

The arbor size on Bosch table saws can vary depending on the model. The most common sizes are either 10 or 12 inches. However, there are some models that have an 8 inch arbor.

It is important to know the size of your arbor before purchasing a new saw, as this will determine what size of blade you can use.

What is a Miter Gauge Slot?

A miter gauge slot is a long, thin slot located on the front or back of a table saw. It’s used to guide a miter gauge, which is a tool used for making precise cuts at angles. The miter gauge has a blade that fits into the miter gauge slot.

As you move the miter gauge along the slot, the blade cuts through the wood. The angle of the cut is determined by the position of the miter gauge in relation to the blade. Miter gauges are handy for making all sorts of angled cuts, such as for molding and trim work.

They can also be used for cutting rabbets and dadoes. If your table saw doesn’t have a built-in miter gauge slot, you can easily add one yourself. Just use a router to cut a groove in the tabletop that’s wide enough to fit your miter gauge blade.

Bosch GTS 10J miter gauge quick fix

Bosch Table Saw Miter Gauge

If you’re in the market for a table saw, one of the things you’ll want to consider is the miter gauge. The Bosch Table Saw Miter Gauge is a great option if you’re looking for precision and durability. This miter gauge is made from aluminum, so it’s built to last.

It has a laser-etched scale that ensures accuracy, and it’s easy to read so you can make precise cuts. The Bosch Table Saw Miter Gauge also has an adjustable stop that allows you to make repetitive cuts with ease. If you’re looking for a reliable miter gauge that will help you make precise cuts, the Bosch Table Saw Miter Gauge is a great option.


Bosch’s table saw miter slot size is 3/4″ x 3/8″. This is a standard size for most table saws on the market today. If you have a Bosch table saw, then you can use any standard miter gauge or sled with this slot size.

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